Counselling for couples (also referred to as marriage counselling or relationship counselling) can be very beneficial and it creates a safe space to address issues you may be having with your partner. Lack of communication and boundaries within a relationship can often lead to interpersonal conflict with your partner. I assist couples in developing boundaries within their relationship as well as effective ways to communicate with one another. Couples counselling sessions can assist couples to look at a situation from a different perspective which may assist in moving forward in the relationship. I also assist couples in learning how to deal with negative situations more effectively and develop tools to manage their emotions going forward.  


I have a holistic approach to couples counselling and the therapeutic process is tailored to each couple to suit their needs.


I work with couples in a variety of areas which include:


  • Lack of communication or ineffective communication

  • Living separate lives

  • Fighting constantly

  • Having to deal with infidelity

  • One or both partners wants to separate or get divorced

  • Cannot express feelings to one another

  • Pre-marriage counselling

  • Marriage counselling

  • Couples counselling

  • Relationship counselling




With regards to sessions for couples counselling, I have a separate counselling session with each partner, and thereafter sessions with both partners begins.

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