Life coaching involves discovering your goals and using a holistic approach to develop a plan of action in different areas of your life. Life coaching can involve many areas in a person's life such as developing effective beliefs, learning how to make informed decisions, diminishing self-doubt, realize dreams and goals. This is a process whereby I assist clients in looking beneath the surface to discover beliefs, thoughts, and internal obstacles which may be hindering them to reach success and wellbeing.  


I tailor my programme to each client to suit his or her needs and work with individuals in a variety of areas which include:


  • Work-life balance

  • Developing routines or structure

  • Realization and achievement of dreams and goals

  • Addressing self-limiting beliefs

  • Job satisfaction

  • Relationships

  • Finance

  • General wellbeing

  • Gaining control over one’s life

  • Developing healthier habits in life

  • Reaching one's full potential

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Kirsten Penderis
Address: Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Email: chat@kirstenpenderis.com 

Tel: +44 77 66 22 1640 

WhatsApp: +27 62 149 0703