Sportsmen/women need to focus and commit to physical training, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. Apart from this, they need to also commit to their mental training. A mental training programme (often referred to as Sports Psychology) is not only necessary for an elite athlete, I assist clients from all levels as well as individuals who want to simply start an exercise journey.


Sports psychology is an extremely important aspect for any type of athlete and this side of the sport is often overlooked. I assist athletes in developing a mental training programme which entails going through several steps in the programme and developing the necessary tools that will inevitably improve their performance. Together with the client, we assess what could be hindering his or her performance and I guide the client in learning how to ‘train’ mentally.


I tailor my programme to each client to suit his or her needs and work with individuals in a variety of areas which include:


  • Developing a mental training programme

  • Dealing with Burnout

  • Overcoming anxiety or stress

  • Dealing with Injuries

  • Learning how to become more committed to training

  • Goal setting

  • Developing and sticking to routines

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