Which services are offered?

Online sessions

Online sessions provide individuals with the opportunity for online support, where they can receive assistance in the comfort of their own home or somewhere where they feel comfortable.


The increasing use of technology has made communication much easier and more convenient. Clients can receive sessions using Zoom, which is a safe platform in terms of the data being transmitted which is encrypted and secure.


I work with couples, adults, teenagers, sportsmen/sportswomen and also offer life coaching. If you are unsure if I could assist you, please make contact with me and we could discuss the issue further. Should your issue fall outside my range of expertise, an appropriate referral can be made.  


Please contact for a quote


Consultation Times

Monday to Friday

8:00 to 18:00  (GMT +1)

Please send request for after hours appointments

Kirsten Penderis
Address: Stroud, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Email: chat@kirstenpenderis.com 

Tel: +44 77 66 22 1640 

WhatsApp: +27 62 149 0703