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Counselling or Life Coaching ?

Counselling or life coaching can often be misunderstood as only being for those people who have specific problems that they are struggling to deal with. Counselling or life coaching is a useful tool which all types of people can benefit from.


Not only is counselling or life coaching useful for specific problems that one may be struggling with, but it is also very useful for anyone who would simply like an objective, unbiased view of their life and the decisions they make.

If you need assistance in dealing with personal problems, receiving guidance on specific decisions, or simply would like assistance with setting and reaching goals, then counselling or life coaching may be suitable for you.


Life coaching specifically can be useful to assist people with personal development goals such as trying to become healthier, having goals towards work related decisions or simply changing behaviors that hinder one’s development.


Kirsten Penderis

My love for psychology and guiding people, began when I started studying Psychology at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, 13 years ago. I found the subject interesting and the work meaningful. I am the type of person who loves to help others in reaching their goals as well as assisting in developing skills to cope with their emotions and live their best life possible. Self-development is important for everyone and I am here to assist you with this journey...more

Kirsten Penderis Counsellor and Life Coa
Quality Time Outdoors

BWRT is a form of psychotherapy like no other in that it reduces the number of sessions for most issues drastically.  Introduced in 2013 by Terence Watts, it proved to be a most amazing successful therapy which produces surprisingly quick and effective results...more

Girl in Therapy

Teenagers find themselves in a difficult developmental phase in their lives. I find that they benefit from the counselling process as it provides a safe space for them to explore themselves and equips them with the skills to cope with the challenges they face...more

Couple Checking In

Counselling for couples (also referred to as marriage counselling or relationship counselling) can be very beneficial and it creates a safe space to address issues you may be having with your partner. Lack of communication and boundaries within a relationship can  ..more

Kirsten Penderis
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Psychologist's Office

I work with adults including couples of any age who have problems they need to deal with. This could range from past experiences that are affecting them emotionally, family dynamics, relationship difficulties, work-life balance, stress or assistance with making changes ... more



Another service I offer is Life Coaching. This could range from assisting people with goal setting such as becoming healthier or fitter, working on self-esteem,

confidence or changing aspects of their life that hinder their development...more


Sportsmen/Women need to focus and commit to physical training during their preparation as well as their mental training. The mental side of sport is often overlooked and I assist athletes in developing a mental training programme...more